Fishing Services

Fishing services

Welltec e-line Fishing Services

Fast, safe, reliable options to return to normal well ops or restore full production from your well

  • Recover lost tools and BHA’s
  • Retrieve dropped items
  • Remove stuck plugs
  • Cut pipe or release lower completions
  • Recover sources from LWD

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Combining our unique portfolio of tools and two decades of intervention success, Welltec’s Fishing Services offer a new approach.

Run on e-line, our Well Tractor® ensures we can access and engage the fish regardless of deviation while the Well Stroker® provides a strong, consistent pull force up to 100,000 lbs without jarring. And our Well Cutter® can make explosion free, multiple cuts in any deviation regardless of the pipe status. Strong, precise and reliable…words not normally associated with slickline or CT fishing operations.

Welltec e-line Fishing Services
Well Stroker for mechanical solutions

Strong, precise, reliable

Fast answers provided by our e-line Fishing Services team ensures the most efficient method for clearing your wellbore and restoring your asset’s production.

Being prepared for unplanned events is what distinguishes good operating companies. Knowing that risk is part of the equation and having options ready to overcome the challenges as they occur results in minimal downtime and costs. If that’s the way you operate than you should know that Welltec® offers twenty years of operational expertise, in-house design, engineering and manufacturing. This allows us to swiftly analyze the situation, engineer a solution, manufacture it (if necessary) and deliver it to your wellsite ASAP, minimizing non-productive time.


  • Fast engineering response time
  • Wide range of fishing tools
  • E-line deployed
  • Configurable
  • Universal


  • Reduced NPT
  • Versatility
  • Increased safety, small footprint, full control
  • Maximum efficiency
  • Runs on any 3rd party e-line

Fishing challenges

Deploy, latch and recover_

Deploy, latch, recover

Dropped toolstring, parted cable, radioactive source or simply unknown? Whatever’s been left in the hole, we’ve got the ways to get there and the means to get it out.

With the increase of extended reach and unconventional wells around the world, standard slickline might not be able to reach your fish. And if it can, it might not have any force to apply in latching or jarring due to the deviation at depth. Welltec’s game changing intervention tools are custom designed to work in horizontal environments, delivering payloads to depth and applying force with precision. We can cut, pull, push, latch, rotate or any combination thereof to secure the fish and recover it to surface.

Prompt pipe recovery offshore Ivory Coast

Significant time savings generates over $3 million in cost savings based on current rates for a jack up rig.

New Well Stroker XXS saves five days of rig time

Avoiding the full CT package with all the associated costs, including time, heavy lifts and emissions, the customer saves ~ $2 million.

World’s first thru-tubing ESP swap on e-line

HSE risks are reduced by applying e-line compared to heavier intervention methods like coiled tubing; less and lighter equipment is involved and fewer lifts are required.

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Rigless retrieval of stuck logging string

This successful exercise left the operator with all 18 intervals stimulated individually in isolation from each other without the use of drop balls.

World’s first RLWI crown plug pulling with Well Stroker

In just 14 strokes, the Well Stroker accomplished what 347 slickline pulling attempts couldn’t; freeing the upper crown plug.

Recovering damaged straddle packer

This operation demonstrates the strong pulling power of the Well Stroker® by recovering a damaged straddle packer to surface through a restriction.

Effective methods to

  • Retrieve the most stubborn junk
  • Recover stuck drillpipe
  • Remove all sorts of debris
  • Recover any casing
  • Remove plugs and bridge plugs
  • Remove gas-lift valves

Senior Completions Engineer


Cut, clean, mill

Stuck pipe, debris, irretrievable plug or something else? Big challenge or small, Welltec® can assist.

Wells need maintenance to keep production optimized and Welltec’s portfolio is designed to be the toolbox you need to accomplish that. Our non-explosive cutting, cleaning and milling tools provide a downhole machine shop which can assist with your pipe recovery operations, recompletions or regular maintenance. We can restore the deferred production from your shut-in or handicapped assets, safely and reliably.

Well Cutter for Mechanical Solutions
Welltec e-line Fishing Services

Cutting 5-1/2″ tubing on deepwater drill-ship with pipe in compression

The Well Cutter saved two days of rig time compared to the other cutting tool because of its ability to cut in compression.

Milling hard scale offshore Norway

Mobilized with short advance notice, this e-line milling job proves a far more efficient solution than the prior two weeks of slickline broaching.

World’s first hydrate milling on e-line

In less than 20 hours of milling time 173 ft of hydrates are removed to a depth that allows the client to re-establish functionality to the downhole safety valve.

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E-line milling increases production by 150%

After successfully completing the operation, the client is able to perforate the zones below the previous held-up depth and increase well production from 1.13 MMSCF to 3.8 MMSCF.

Well Cutter assists removal of packer

Client needs to cut a Super 13Cr mandrel of a 9 5/8” x 4 1/2” packer with a wall thickness of 0.3595” in order to retrieve an intelligent completion.

Glass plug removal offshore Denmark

Access to the reservoir is established and the operation saves an estimated four days and 450,000 USD compared to conventional CT operations.

Tools applied

  • Well Stroker®
  • Well Tractor® 318
  • Welltec Release Device®