Welltec Hardware Scanner for DIAGNOSTICS

Increase awareness and efficiency with new tools to diagnose your wells

  • Visualize the entire wellbore
  • Collaborate globally
  • Confirm on-going operations
  • Build a database for time lapse comparison
  • Reduce uncertainty
  • Increase efficiency

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We live and operate in a 4-D world, and so should our data.

Visualization capabilities have advanced significantly over the years and with good reason. They provide a means of absorbing information intuitively, breaking down knowledge barriers that were previously limited by words. We apply the same concepts with our Omnificent software; showing well data in a manner which makes sense to a driller, completions engineer or e-line operator.

Welltec Hardware Scanner for DIAGNOSTICS
Welltec Hardware Scanner for DIAGNOSTICS


Diagnostics serves as the element which integrates Completions and Well Interventions.

Measurements made downhole provide the integral value link to understand what is happening locally, in situ within the well. Confirmation of the mechanical intervention to open / close the sliding sleeve, flow through a recently cleaned-out restriction, progress made during a milling operation are but a few examples of the value provided by diagnostic services combined with interventions.


  • Short, slick tools
  • Modular
  • SRO2.0
  • Thru-wired
  • Universal
  • Omnificent compatible
  • Real time


  • Reduced risk
  • Use what’s required
  • Downhole control
  • Welltec integrated
  • Runs with 3rd party e-line
  • First person, 3-D viewer
  • Responsive



Replace spreadsheets and drawings with a 4-D, interactive environment to really see and understand the challenges.

Omnificent replaces static data with a first person environment designed to visualize the entire span of the well; incorporating the survey data and the well completion in scale with any tools run into the well. Using a common point of reference, multiple users can discuss scenarios and make informed decisions for maximum efficiency.

Welltec Hardware Scanner for DIAGNOSTICS
Welltec Hardware Scanner for DIAGNOSTICS


Regardless of location, land or offshore, multiple users can work together from around the world to develop the best solution.

Share experience to see what works and what doesn’t before the well is even drilled or solve a challenge from the office with the crew offshore. Omnificent enables collaboration on a level never before experienced in the oilfield to overcome knowledge gaps or physical location by communicating both content and context on-line.


Our measurements add value to the operation by assisting in the diagnosis of the problem and confirming its been solved.

Designed and built to offer operators increased awareness and efficiency, our short, slick diagnostic tools provide real time data which can be used to understand the problem and confirm that it’s been rectified. Recordings made in Omnificent during previous runs can be layered on the real time output to fully comprehend changes in the well over hours, months, years.

Welltec Hardware Scanner for DIAGNOSTICS

Track records

Deepest bottom hole sampling on wireline. A sampling at 26,880 ft was executed in Canada